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The divorce is an institution as known as that of the marriage, but much more delicate in terms of its consequences over spouses and children.

For its negative effects are as reduced as possible, it is needed a specialist who, empathizing with its client, to encounter the shortest and most appropriate way to settle the divorce.

Divorce lawyer – consulting services related to the procedure to follow: divorce by agreement, divorce on demand of one spouse when, due to solid reasons, the relations between the spouses are seriously harmed and the continuation of marriage is no longer possible, divorce on demand of one of the spouses, pursuant to a separation in fact which lasted less than 2 years; divorce due to medical reasons.

Divorce by spouses’ agreement passed judicially, by administrative way or by notary procedure

Drafting the divorce application and assisting/representing the client in the divorce procedure in front of the notary, of civil officer or court;

Representing the client in the relation with the former spouse with a view to maintain the name acquired by marriage, determining the custody of underage children, termination of matrimonial regime, granting a compensatory indemnity, compensation of the damage incurred pursuant to the termination of marriage.

Other services in the field of family law – partition lawyer, lawyer specialised in traffic fines, medical malpraxis lawyer.