Business Lawyer Services

Contracts – draw-up and negotiation of contracts; – identification of abusive, illegal clauses in order to cancel/correct them

Labour legislation draw-up of labor contracts, administration contracts, management contracts, addenda with specific clauses (noncompetition, loyalty, etc), internal, organizational and operational regulations; – interpretation and adaptation of labor legislation to the characteristics of the company; – draw-up of collective labor contracts and their registration with the competent authorities

Trade companies – establishment, alteration, merging and division of trade companies; – draw-up decisions of the General Assembly, decisions of the Administration Board, their registration with the Trade Registry; – participation at the meetings of the General Assembly, the Administration Board; – application of the provisions of Law no 31/1990 as well as laws with impact over the activity of trade companies; – supervision of the organization of tombola and competition regulations

Recovery of claimsdraw-up of notices; – unfolding of previous procedures: conciliation, mediation; – draw-up, registration and support of suing applications; – elaboration of all the compulsory procedural documents during the process

Competition – interpretation and application of impact legislation; – taking measures to fight and eliminate competition acts and facts

Public acquisition – analysis of the buyer’s compliance with the legislation; – draw-up of requests for information delivery, contestations, complaints, and their presentation before the National Council for the Solving of Contestations and courts of law

Tax law – interpretation of tax legislation; – assistance of companies before the tax control authorities; – elaboration of points of view with respect to the authorities’ steps; – draw-up of contestations and their presentation before tax authorities and courts of law

Intellectual property – representation of the company before OSIM/OHIM; – protection by legal measures of the intellectual property rights

Movable and immovable property –  assistance at the sale/purchase and mortgaging of movable and immovable goods; – registration of guarantee contracts with the electronic archive, with the land book; – protection of property before courts of law and enforcement authorities

Approvals and authorizations – obtaining the approvals and authorizations necessary for the legal operation of the company, the trading of products, equipments

Transfer prices – analysis of all the transactions made between the mother company and its branches, subsidiaries – affiliated persons: transfers of goods, services or other types of transactions from the perspective of the arm’s length principle