The limited liability law company – Leția&Perețianu is the result of our work and dedication of the last 15 years.
Lawyers specialised in business legislation, we decided to associate our names, knowledge and experience under aegis of „Leția&Perețianu- SPARL”.

Our slogan is the professional support offered to our clients, of loyalty and principledness, of knowledge of legislation and adjusting it to the actual problems faced in practice, of encountering solutions even in “inextricable” situations.

Lately, pursuant to the high number of demands received, we have integrated in our company the concept of „family lawyer” by which we address natural persons, becoming the reliable individual managing their personal business and encountering solutions to their legal problems.

Services regularly rendered:

Consulting: customised commercial and tax consulting services, drafting commercial contracts, recovery of debts, obtaining notices and authorisations, labour legislation, partitions, merging, liquidations, public procurements, transportations

Support and representation: before courts, arbitrage courts, before tax bodies in the insolvency procedure, before the commercial partners, in the mediation procedure.

Bonus: periodical legislative information

How do we provide the legal services

We provide our services as follows:
a)   Monthly subscription contract
b)  Fixed rates, the value of performance being determined in  conformity to the complexity of the work required
c)   Combined taxes depending on the clients’ needs